Shown is the Mitchell High School that was built in 1909 at 500 East 5th Avenue (where Cathedral Square Apartments are now located). This was the north side of the school looking south. When the current High School was built this building was then used for Notre Dame High School for several years.

Published in the February 19th, 2018 Daily Republic

Pictured is the control tower used at the Army Airbase built in Mitchell in 1942. The base contained barracks for the men, officer quarters, a hospital and a mess hall. The base was turned over to the city of Mitchell when the war was over.

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Pictured is the sign for the Mitchell Business College that was located in the 100 block of west Fourth Avenue above Reynolds Furniture Store. The school was founded by R. D. Reynolds at 107 North Main (now the American Legion) on the second floor of the building in the 1920s before moving to this location. The Business College closed after WWII.

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This 1909 photo shows Mt. Vernon's Main Street from the south, with the railroad in the foreground.

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Shown is the Ryan Lumber Company in Letcher, South Dakota. The lumber company was founded by William Ryan in 1893 and was sold to J. F. Anderson Lumber Company in 1910. Ryan went on to establish the Letcher State Bank ( later known as the First National Bank) in Letcher. 

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This 1940 photo shows the window display of the Jack and Jill Shop (child's clothing store) that was located at 307 North Main Street in Mitchell. The display contained miniature nursery school equipment advertising Work Projects Administration (WPA) nursery schools provided for children of parents working for WPA projects. The nursery school in Mitchell was one of seven in the state of South Dakota.

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Shown is an aerial view of Lake Mitchell and the original spillway as it was in 1929. The lake was made by the damming up of Firesteel Creek to provide recreation and drinking water for the city of Mitchell. This spillway was replaced in 1942 when the present horseshoe spillway was built. Note there is no island present in this photo either.

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Shown is the Cafe located in the Widmann Hotel in 1931. The hotel was built in 1904 by Fred Widmann and had 100 guest rooms-36 having private bathrooms. The 4-story building burned down in April, 1950.

It was located on the southeast corner of 1st and Main.

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Shown is the Rozum Motor Company building under construction in 1922 on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Main Street. In 1917, Anthony Rozum purchased the Ford dealership from Art Miller and formed the Rozum Ford Motor Company. The company remained at this location until 1980 when they moved to a location at 23rd and North Main Street.

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Shown is a train wreck that happened in Mitchell in 1908. A double header engine with a heavily loaded train was coming into Mitchell from the south on the Milwaukee line. At the same time a switch engine was working in the east end of the yards and crashed into the double header as it rounded the curve coming into town. The switch engine was knocked from the track and was practically demolished, while both the freight engines were damaged badly.

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This photo of early Mitchell Schools is from a 1912 souvenir Mitchell book. The schools shown are Eugene Field (top left), Lincoln (top right), Longfellow (bottom left) and Central (bottom right). Central School was the high school and later became the junior high, the other three were elementary schools.

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This photo was taken by Ole Leland, an early Mitchell photographer. Leland would take photos like this, all around the state of South Dakota and make postcards of them to make a living. Shown is a typical claim shanty. The caption reads “Proved up yesterday”, “Good luck Dan”. Leland died a pauper and is buried in an unmarked grave at Graceland Cemetery in Mitchell, SD.

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This aerial photo was taken June 24, 1947 by Donald E. Hoskins of Huron, South Dakota, it shows Sanborn Boulevard looking north from First Avenue. In the center of the photo is the Junior High and Whittier School Buildings. At the top of the picture is the Westborn Court apartments, now know as the Krohmer apartments. At the bottom of the photo is intersection of First Avenue and Sanborn.

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This 1915 photo shows Linn Gale Evans (right), ticket taker at the Milwaukee Depot in Mitchell. This depot was built in 1908 after the first depot burned down and is now the Depot Restaurant. This photo was donated to the Mitchell Area Historical Society by Mary Steffens of Redwood City, California.

Published in the January 8th, 2018 Daily Republic.

These photos were taken on July 16, 1975, when the Village Bowl in Mitchell was destroyed by fire. The bowling alley was originally built in 1958 and opened on December 10, 1959. The new bowling alley with 24 lanes was completed in February, 1976. The restaurant and bottle shop (The Chalet) was opened in July, 1976.

Published in the March 5th, 2108 Daily Republic.