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“EQUITY UNION CREAMERIES    A MIGHTY ORGANIZATION   Plant  Established By Farmers of the Northwest At Aberdeen In 1916 Was First Cooperative Centralized Creamery In World,” was the headline in the November 16, 1929, The Evening Republican. Equity continued to grow and expand its operations and opened a branch in Mitchell on March 22, 1926, with the first can of cream delivered on March 23.  The Mitchell branch located at 300 West 1st Avenue became very prosperous and rivalled the parent plant in Aberdeen.  Mitchell’s plant manufactured ice cream, and milk was bottled and distributed throughout the community.  The Mitchell branch was so prosperous that a new and bigger plant, (301 W 1st Ave.) was built in 1931 across the street in the current Sturdevant’s Auto Parts Store location. With the most modern equipment, a full basement designated for the manufacture of cheese, and space for offices on part of the second floor the cost was between $60,000 and $70,000.  Many efforts were made to have the best sanitary and ventilating conditions for the manufacturing and storage of the products which included bottled milk, cheese, butter and ice cream.  The design of the building allowed for natural light to light the two-story manufacturing area. This photo taken April 13, 1931, by Stair Photos shows the construction by Pioneer Construction Co. of the reinforced concrete basement area of the 301 W. 1st location.  Floyd Kings was the architect.  Equity opened a Co-Op Super Market on Saturday, June 16, 1945, that included a complete grocery department, ice cream store, locker plant and creamery. Milk sold for 9 cents a quart.  Equity closed in 1952.

Carnegie Resource Center Photo.

Published in the January 14th, 2020 Daily Republic.

Corker’s Restaurant located at 111 North Main, Mitchell, SD in 1915.  Owner, Julius L. Corker, is
behind the counter with the hat, with Frank Worthen, Marcel DeGaillez, Roscoe Hartwell and
Cloyce Corker joining him.  Others unknown.  Various tobacco products are offered for sale
including Yo Cum Spana Cuba Cigars on counter for 5 cents, Velvet in the can for 10 cents,
Davenport, Camel, and Rex brands along with fresh bread in the display cases.

Carnegie Resource Center Photo

Published in the Jan 7th, 2020 Daily Republic